]> Islam in Norwich - NNMA - muslims in norwich - Announcements http://www.norwichmuslims.org/taxonomy/term/18/0 Please use this board to announce upcoming events etc. en Coffee Morning for Sisters at the UEA Islamic Centre http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/698 <p>This is an activity for sisters who would like to meet and socialise in an Islamic atmosphere. It is organised by the UEA Islamic Society every Tuesday morning 9.30am at the UEA Islamic Centre. Please participate and encourage others to come.</p> Announcements Tue, 03 Mar 2009 00:20:07 +0300 Ramadan will be on Monday 1st September http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/660 <p>Dear All,<br /> salam alaikom wa rahmatollah</p> <p>Ramadhan Karim! May allah accept this month from us and grant us expiation from our sins.</p> <p><strong >Monday, September 1, 2008</strong> marks the first day of the month of Ramadan 1429. Norwich and Norfolk Muslim Association and UEA Islamic Society congratulate the Muslim community for the month of Ramadan. </p> <p>You may print the Ramdhan 2008 Timetable using the following links:<br /> <a href="http://www.norwichmuslims.org/doc/Ramdhan2008Timetable.pdf">Ramadhan Timetable (Pdf format)</a><br /> <a href="http://www.norwichmuslims.org/doc/Ramdhan2008Timetable.doc">Ramadhan Timetable (word format)</a></p> <p>You may also grab print outs from the UEA Islamic Centre.</p> <p>We will have all the usual activities of Fatur, Taraweh, Ramadhan competitions, daily Islamic Reminders, Tajwid classes, external speakers visiting us and I'tekaf for 10 days which was a great success last year.</p> Announcements Sat, 30 Aug 2008 21:27:11 +0300 BBQ http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/646 <p>Salamo alaykom all, Due to the change in the weather the BBQ has been postponed to the 1st of June Inshllah instead of 25th of May. The place, time and activities stay the same.<br /> Jazakom Allah Khair</p> Announcements Fri, 23 May 2008 08:59:22 +0300 Islamic Information Centre & Bookshop - 12 month review http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/593 <p>Dear all,<br /> (as-salaamu alaikum)<br /> we would like to share with you some of the amazing things we have managed to achieve in the first year of the Islamic Information Centre &amp; Bookshop on 113-119 Ber Street in Norwich.</p> <p>There are of course many things that need to be gotten on with and we rely on your good will and support to keep the centre going.</p> Announcements Mon, 26 Nov 2007 17:06:23 +0300 PRESS RELEASE: NNMA and FOSIS Condemn Opportunist Policy Exchange Report http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/563 <p><strong ><br /> PRESS RELEASE: NNMA and FOSIS Condemn Blatant Opportunism around the Publishing of Policy Exchange Report</strong></p> <p>The NNMA and the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) in the UK and Eire today condemned the opportunist release of a report by the Policy Exchange. Whilst attempting to claim that this report is an important contribution to the academic literature on Mosques it Britain, it is actually nothing more than a PR stunt aimed to gain publicity on the back of the controversy surrounding the visit of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.</p> <p>Faisal Hanjra, spokesman for FOSIS, said today, “It is severely reprehensible for any organisation to attempt to gain short-term publicity at the expense of damaging community relations in the UK. The Policy Exchange document does nothing more than present single sentences, from often large documents, out of context. The report also fails to adequately define the term ‘extremist literature’ instead applying this label to anything outside of the authors’ own personal realms of social acceptability. Finally, the report arrives at the illogical conclusion that this literature is in part responsible for terrorism, something not supported by the actual contents of the report.”</p> Announcements Tue, 30 Oct 2007 05:14:56 +0300 Charity Bazaar http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/562 <p>In order to mark the anniversary of the Islamic Information Centre on Ber Street, the NNMA is holding a Charity Bazaar on Saturday 27th of October from 12-6:00pm. All proceeds will go to the running of the Centre.</p> Announcements Wed, 24 Oct 2007 14:09:34 +0300 Football in Eaton Park http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/561 <p><strong >Salamo alaykom,<br /> Football back in action in Eaton Park at 1:15pm every Saturday Insh'allah.<br /> May Allah swt keep us all healthy wealthy and wise</strong></p> Announcements Fri, 19 Oct 2007 23:44:20 +0300 Children Study Circle CSC http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/560 <p><strong >Salamo alaykom all,<br /> May Allah swt accept our deeds. Hope all of you had good Ramadan and Eid. Insh'allh we will see you back to the usual Sunday children activity which is still located at the JIC.<br /> CSC committee</strong></p> Announcements Fri, 19 Oct 2007 23:25:30 +0300 Eid celebration http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/559 <p><strong >EID Mubarak<br /> Welcome to the Islamic Society at<br /> UEA Eid Celebration. The celebration will be in the congregation hall at UEA on 13/10/07. There will be many activities for children and adults ; face panting for girls and boys, games for all, presents, drinks and food. The programme will be as following:<br /> 12:00-1:15 arrival, coffee, tea, greeting each other and arranging the place for the festival and Duhur prayer.<br /> 1:15-1:30pm Duhur prayer<br /> 1:30-1:45 opening and short speech<br /> 1:45-2:15 invite one from each country to talk about his country<br /> 2:15- 2:45 children activity<br /> 2:45-3:00 men with their chairs in a circle</p> Announcements Sat, 13 Oct 2007 00:16:42 +0300 Zakat al-Fitr this year (2007) is £4.00 per person http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/556 <p>The noble Prophet of Islam (s) has been reported to have said, that the fast is suspended between the heaven and the earth until the Zakat al-fitr has been paid.</p> Announcements Mon, 08 Oct 2007 20:58:58 +0300 Ramadhan Timetable 2007 http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/547 <p>Salam alaikom,<br /> Please see attached the timetable for Ramadhan 2007 at UEA Masjed.</p> <p><strong >PS</strong> - some of you may have got the timetable last Friday, there is a slight correction for Esha Salah. <strong >Until the 18th of Septmber, Esha will be at 9:15</strong></p> <p>Please print a copy for yourself.</p> Announcements Tue, 11 Sep 2007 22:28:54 +0300 Ramadan (Thursday 13th September) http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/546 <p>On behalf of the <strong >East Anglian Bangladeshi Islamic centre (Rose Lane mosque) and the UEA mosque</strong> we would like to inform you that the 1st day of Ramadan will be on<strong > Thursday 13th September</strong>. More information will be announced here.</p> Announcements Tue, 11 Sep 2007 21:36:44 +0300 Ramadan activities/ children http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/545 <p><strong ><br /> Asalmo Aliukoum Wa Rahmet Allah wa Barkatoh<br /> Ramadan Mubarak</p> <p>The school (CSC), Insh’Allah, will be closed during the month of Ramadan, from the 16th of September until the 21st of October. The school will be open again on the 21st of October. During this holly month, we have organized a programme for all children. Please encourage your children and others to participate in this programme.<br /> CSC committee </p> <p>Ramadan Activities:</p> <p>1. Ramadan Sunday talks;<br /> Sunday talks will take place at the Masjed (the UEA Islamic Centre) .<br /> Starts at11.30 and finishes by Duhur prayer.<br /> The speakers for these events will be:</p> Announcements Sat, 08 Sep 2007 00:39:19 +0300 Ramadan competition http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/543 <p><strong >Ramadan (1428H, 2007) Competition for children of 15 years old and less. Answers to be submitted to the UEA/IS by the evening of 25th of Ramadan.</p> <p>Name: </p> <p>Age:</p> <p>1. What is the meaning of Asalaamu-Alaykum Wa-Ragmatullahie-Wa-Barakatuh:<br /> (A) Peace be upon you.<br /> (B) May the peace, the mercy, and the blessings of Allah be upon you.<br /> (C) May the peace and the Mercy of Allah be upon you.<br /> 2. Quran is the word of<br /> (A) Allah (Jala Jaluhu)<br /> (B) An Angel<br /> (C) A Prophet<br /> 3. In which Language has the Quran been Revealed?<br /> (A) Urdu<br /> (B) Persian<br /> (C) Arabic<br /> 4. The first Surah in the Quran is:</p> Announcements Sat, 08 Sep 2007 00:31:22 +0300 International Calls - the Cheapest way to call every country http://www.norwichmuslims.org/node/524 <p>Dear Brothers/Sisters, </p> <p>Assalamu Alaikum, </p> <p>I hope you are all keeping well and healthy...</p> <p>I've come a across an online tool which provides you with a list of the cheapest way to call a landline or mobile in any country. </p> <p>The website, the international CallChecker is free and non-commercial.</p> <p><a href="/">Link Text</a> Click here </p> <p>I just wanted to share it with you all, especially with those of you who must keep in touch with their loved ones abroad..</p> <p>Don't forget us in you Duaa... </p> <p>Our beloved Messenger SAW said:</p> Announcements Sat, 07 Jul 2007 21:19:15 +0300