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Norwich, UK
18th December, 2009

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  • University Mosque
  • East Anglian Islamic Centre

Great Yarmouth

  • Masjid At-Tauwheed

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Build Yourself a House in Paradise, an Urgent Appeal


Assalamu alikoum wa Rahmatu Allah

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said''whoever built a Masjid in Aldunya Allah will build him/her a Masjid in Paradise''. Nowich and Norfolk Muslim Association is aiming to establish a community centre in Norwich to fulfill the urgent need for such a facility. The centre will be opened to all Muslims as well as the non-Muslims in Norfolk. We are hoping to have a small school in the centre to teach Arabic language and Qur'an for both adults and children, a nursery and obviously a prayer facility that accommodates the growing Muslim community in Norwich. Please help us to establish this centre by donating to the NNMA either on line (will be set up soon through this website) or by setting up a standing order to Barclays Bank, Norwich St Stephens Branch, sort code 20-62-57, account number: 80997722. May Allah reward you all for your contributions in advance towards this project.