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Norwich, UK
14th December, 2009

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  • University Mosque
  • East Anglian Islamic Centre

Great Yarmouth

  • Masjid At-Tauwheed

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Contributions of Sisters towards NNMA New Community Centre Project

Sisters Section

Assalamu alikoum wa Rahmatu Allah my dear respected sisters

Norwich and Norfolk Muslim association is aiming to establish a community centre in Norwich. The community in Norwich is in an urgent need of such project to fulfill the needs of all sectors of the community including children, youth and women. The contribution of our sisters towards this promising project is massive. The most important aspect of their contribution is the voluntarily weekly cooking of the Friday's meal that is sold to raise and secure donations towards the new community centre project. I would like to take this chance to thank all sisters who are sincerely contributing to this project and ask them to keep it up. If any sister has got any more ideas that could be carried out by sisters, please contact Dr. asmaa at and we can financially support it. I ask Allah (SWT) to make this in your good deeds in the hereafter inshAllah.