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31st May, 2009

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Boycott of Israeli Products

Islamic Issues

Dear all,
salam alaikom wa rahmatollah

We are all witnessing the relentless aggression of the Israeli Killing
Machines on the innocent Palestinians. As the death toll reaches 500+,
2,500 people wounded, thousands made homeless and thousands more forced to
live on brink of ABSOLUTE POVERTY it is imperative that the support for
our brothers and sisters is sustained.

As a result the ISLAMIC SOCIETY, the NNMA has called for a COMPLETE BOYCOTT of all brands/goods which offer support for the murderous Israeli regime.

You can get a list of them all from the link below:
Link Text

Many of you will be surprised to discover some household names pay a percentage of their annual profits to Israel, which uses the money to commit GENOCIDE against the Palestinians on a yearly basis. This is a reminder to us all to be careful how we spend our money, Allah (swt) will ask us about this and so will our brothers and sisters who have been affected by our money. Lets all Fear Allah, show true love for our Ummah and do our best to not support such an inhumane regime.

May Allah make it easy for us, and may he give the Palestinian brothers and sisters peace and satisfaction.


NNMA and the UEA Islamic Society.