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Norwich, UK
30th April, 2009

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Ummah is the word given in the Qur'an meaning Community, nation or family.

About the Muslim Ummah Allah (God) says in His Qur'an in Surah 2 Al Baqara, the chapter of the Heifer or Cow, Ayat (verse) 143:

"And therefore We have appointed you (to be) a midmost (justly balanced)nation in order that you may be witnesses over humanity and the messenger a witness over you".

And about his ummah the prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him said:

"Surely my Ummah is like one body, if any part of it feels pain, the whole body feels pain".

From these we can understand that the Muslim Ummah is not extreme but occupies a midmost, central or balanced position. This could be understood geographically, but specifically relates to its nature or quality. It also means that it is not limited to being drawn from any one nation or people or race but is rather essentially universal.
At the same time it is also tollerant and therefore embraces diversity while maintaining truth and justice as central principles.
We also understand the Ummah to be united and that its nature is to be caring and its members to be concerned about the wellbeing of one another.
It is to this community that all Muslims seek to belong, no matter where they are from or what position they may have in society, be they male or female, rich or poor, old or young.
All turn to the same direction to pray, all accept and submit to the same God Allah and all follow the guidance of the same messenger of Allah, Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him, thereby accepting the preceding prophets as well and the revelations granted to them also.