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Norwich, UK
22nd October, 2007

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Ramadan activities/ children


Asalmo Aliukoum Wa Rahmet Allah wa Barkatoh
Ramadan Mubarak

The school (CSC), Insh’Allah, will be closed during the month of Ramadan, from the 16th of September until the 21st of October. The school will be open again on the 21st of October. During this holly month, we have organized a programme for all children. Please encourage your children and others to participate in this programme.
CSC committee

Ramadan Activities:

1. Ramadan Sunday talks;
Sunday talks will take place at the Masjed (the UEA Islamic Centre) .
Starts at11.30 and finishes by Duhur prayer.
The speakers for these events will be:
Week 1 (14th of September), Brother Talib
Week 2: (23st of September), Sister Farah Haroon
Week 3: ( 30th of September) Brother Elghazali
Week 4: ( 7th of October), Sister Asmaa or another female speaker

2. Ramadan Quiz
30 questions mainly about the holy Quran.
• Participants should be 15 years old or below.
• The last day for the submission of the answers is the 25th of Ramadan.
• A box will be placed in the Masjed for the answers.
• Three Random names will be announced in the Eid party Insh’Allah from the successful participants.
• Three valuable presents will be given to the successful names in the Eid Party Insh’Allah.
• Please remember to write you name very clearly.

3. Talks during Taraweeh.
Insh’Allah two slots will be booked for two boys from the CSC to give a short talks in the Taraweeh’s breaks.

4. Tajweed
There will Tajweed lesson by Brother Waheed Hamed for children both boys and girls. This will be in the Masjed (UEA Islamic Centre) Tuesdays and Thursdays during Ramadan from 5:00pm after Aser to 6:00pm.