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31st March, 2009

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Islamic Information Centre (Eastern Daily Press Newspaper)

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Islamic centre aims to dispel prejudices

Mansour Almazroui at the Islamic Information Centre and Bookshop in Ber Street, Norwich.
01 December 2006 06:55

An Islamic information centre opened in Norwich yesterday to "build a bridge between communities" - reflecting the growing number of Muslims in the county.

The centre has been set up to dispel people's prejudices against Islam as it was revealed that there are now more than 1,400 Muslims in Norfolk.

Christian and Jewish leaders welcomed the Islamic Information Centre last night saying it would be a boost to community relations.

Organisers hoped that the shop and meeting place, in Ber Street, Norwich, would become a focus for Muslims who wanted advice, and non-Muslims who wanted to find out about the culture.

Secretary of the Norfolk and Norwich Muslim Association, Talib Fehlhaber, who helped set the centre up, said: "Islam has been misconstrued by the media. We want to give people a balanced view from the horse's mouth." He said there had been some hostility displayed towards the centre already, with one man asking if it was a terrorist training camp. But he said that gave the centre its purpose ­ - to combat prejudice.

The Dean of Norwich, The Very Rev Graham Smith, who was at the opening, along with representatives from the Norfolk Jewish Peace Group (NJPG), and county councillors, said: "I think it is going to be very good for the community generally.

"This gives them a visible presence. We have known they are around but have not been able to see them before.

"I look forward to seeing them play a part in the community."

MP for Norwich South Charles Clarke, who was unable to attend the event, wished the project luck.

And Jean Davis, of the NJPG, set up three years ago to promote peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine, said: "We hope, through the centre, relations between the Jewish community and Muslims will develop and flourish in the future, and we can meet in friendship and understanding."

Dr Raveend Khwaja, the chairman of the UK Citizens Congress, said, in a speech to officially open the centre, that the word Islam translated into English as "peace", and "accepter of god".

He said: "If you accept god you are a Muslim."

And he said that it was un-Muslim to bomb and kill, and that outrages at the Twin Towers and the London Underground were un-Muslim acts.

Specialist books on Islam are available in the shop, which could previously only be found in East Anglia at Cambridge. And advice will be available to help Muslims at schools, hospital and in prison in Norfolk.
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