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Norwich, UK
30th April, 2009

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  • University Mosque
  • East Anglian Islamic Centre

Great Yarmouth

  • Masjid At-Tauwheed

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Muslim Publishers of books and educational resources

Recommended Muslim Publishers of very good quality books and other educational resources for all who want to learn and know about Islam:

Al Birr Foundation
publishers of a range of free distribution introductory books
Tel: 020 8558 1328
Al Birr Foundation

Hood Hood Books
Publishers of a range of hard cover mainly story books for primary age range
Tel: 020 7584 7878
Hood Hood Books

Iqra Trust
Among others publishers of a very good secondary resource pack and parallel syllabus
Tel: 020 8932 1667
Iqra Trust

Muslim Educational Literary Services MELS
Publishers of a range of good quality books mainly for secondary
Tel: 0800 081 1942

Muslim Council of Britain MCB

Wide ranging organisation with an Education department responsible for the excellent Books 4 Schools resource project and others

The Islamic Foundation
Publishers of an extensive range of books and resources for all ages, study courses and RE Briefs on Islam A Guide for Teachers
Tel: 01530 244 944
Islamic Foundation

United Kingdom Islamic Academy UKIA
Publishers of a range of good quality Muslim books suitable mainly for secondary
Tel: 0116 221 5906

Further information regarding these and educational resources generally will be provided as soon as is possible. Meanwhile all these can be visited online and provide a wide range of books including Qur'an and Hadith, Seerah and many many others, resources and educational material suitable for children of all ages, school age students and above and adults who are already Muslim, are new to Islam or want to learn from or about Islam through a very wide range and variety of subject areas and means of study.