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5th June, 2009

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Wedding Arrangements at the UEA Islamic Centre

It is our pleasure to announce that the UEA Islamic Society in conjunction with the NNMA can now provide Islamic Marriage service ''Nikkah'' at the UEA Islamic Centre. This service is currently run by Dr. Muhammad Abu-Elmagd (contact by writing to mmabuelmagd@yahoo.com or by calling him on 07912570476 after 6pm daily.

Marriage contract will be done according to Islamic Shariah (Islamic law) can be performed at the University of East Anglia Islamic Centre. The Nikkah ceremony will be performed by Dr. Muhammad Abu-Elmagd.

The Nikkah ceremony will take place in the Hall of the the University of East Anglia Islamic Centre and can be seen from the sister’s side. All persons attending the ceremony are kindly requested to observe the Islamic tradition of dressing in keeping with Islamic values. The management of the UEA Islamic Society reserves the right to refuse admission to any sister who does not comply with this request.


The procedure to perform a marriage at the UEAIC is outlined below in a very simple way.

Make an appointment well in advance by emailing mmabuelmagd@yahoo.com,

and present the following documents:

1- Valid Passports of the Groom and the Bride
2- The bride must appoint a Muslim male guardian (Wali) to work on behalf of her. If no Wali can not be appointed, the bride has the choice to appoint Dr. Muhammad Abu-Elmagd as her Wali and to wrok on behalf, an agreement form must be signed by the bride
3- A non-Muslim Bride must sign an affidavit (a Statutory Declaration)
4- Two Muslim Male witnesses with their valid passports.
5- Declaration of the agreed Dowry.
6- £50 to be paid for the cost of issuing the certificates (this will be credited to the NNMA new Masjid project).
7- Original Civil Marriage Certificate (if available)
8- Conversion Certificate for new Muslims (if available).

Marriage Certificate:

Two certificates will be issued after the Nikkah ceremony. The certificate should be kept in a safe place for any future reference. Please note that the Centre will not issue certificates for Nikkah ceremonies that was carried out outside the UEA IC including ceremonies performed by other imams at other mosques. Currently, the NNMA is trying to have the marriage certificate recognised at the governmental bodies.