Childrens' Study Circle

Welcome to the Childrens' Study Circle (CSC) Islamic Centre which was founded 27/04/2002 to meet the growing need within the Islamic community in this city for the children to learn Arabic language, memorising Qur'an and Islamic concepts.
Over these years the school has built up a good reputation for teaching these. The students in this school aim to learn Islamic concepts, Arabic and memorise the Qur'an in order to develop as Muslims and to be able to understand their religion and thereafter meet the challenges of living and growing up here in the West.
The school is held every Sunday from 10 am - 1pm and usually ends with offering the Dhuhr prayer. The current number of students is 30, aged between 5 and 13 years and from quite a number of countries. Parents are expected to bring and collect their children, transportation is not provided.
Currently there are three teachers as the school contains three levels. It is now located at the John Innes Centre just before the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital in Colney Lane.
The fee is £10 per month for each student (optional). This money is used to buy materials for the students e.g. pens, pencils, notebooks etc. We have also purchased a TV, whiteboard, videocassettes and books. The teachers take no payment for their work which is all voluntary.
The school looks forward inshallah (God willing) to growing and having more students by improving and spreading awareness of its existence and developing and extending by buying more audio and video materials and varying the school activities and offering holidays in groups.
Any suggestions or feedback will be welcomed and considered as will any enquiries about how children and parents may enroll.
Please contact:
Dr Musa
Mobile: 07833792465