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Norwich, UK
16th April, 2010

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  • University Mosque
  • East Anglian Islamic Centre

Great Yarmouth

  • Masjid At-Tauwheed

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Build Yourself a House in Paradise, an Urgent Appeal


Assalamu alikoum wa Rahmatu Allah

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said''whoever built a Masjid in Aldunya Allah will build him/her a house in Paradise''. Nowich and Norfolk Muslim Association is aiming to establish a community centre in Norwich to fulfill the urgent need for such a facility. The centre will be opened to all Muslims as well as the non-Muslims in Norfolk. We are hoping to have a small school in the centre to teach Arabic language and Qur'an for both adults and children, a nursery and obviously a prayer facility that accommodates the growing Muslim community in Norwich.

Coffee Morning for Sisters at the UEA Islamic Centre


This is an activity for sisters who would like to meet and socialise in an Islamic atmosphere. It is organised by the UEA Islamic Society every Tuesday morning 9.30am at the UEA Islamic Centre. Please participate and encourage others to come.

Islamic Information Centre & Bookshop - 12 month review


Dear all,
(as-salaamu alaikum)
we would like to share with you some of the amazing things we have managed to achieve in the first year of the Islamic Information Centre & Bookshop on 113-119 Ber Street in Norwich.

There are of course many things that need to be gotten on with and we rely on your good will and support to keep the centre going.


Children Study Circle CSC


Salamo alaykom all,
May Allah swt accept our deeds. Hope all of you had good Ramadan and Eid. Insh'allh we will see you back to the usual Sunday children activity which is still located at the JIC.
CSC committee

Eid celebration


EID Mubarak
Welcome to the Islamic Society at
UEA Eid Celebration. The celebration will be in the congregation hall at UEA on 13/10/07. There will be many activities for children and adults ; face panting for girls and boys, games for all, presents, drinks and food. The programme will be as following:
12:00-1:15 arrival, coffee, tea, greeting each other and arranging the place for the festival and Duhur prayer.
1:15-1:30pm Duhur prayer
1:30-1:45 opening and short speech
1:45-2:15 invite one from each country to talk about his country
2:15- 2:45 children activity
2:45-3:00 men with their chairs in a circle



Ramadan activities/ children


Asalmo Aliukoum Wa Rahmet Allah wa Barkatoh
Ramadan Mubarak

The school (CSC), Insh’Allah, will be closed during the month of Ramadan, from the 16th of September until the 21st of October. The school will be open again on the 21st of October. During this holly month, we have organized a programme for all children. Please encourage your children and others to participate in this programme.
CSC committee

Ramadan Activities:

1. Ramadan Sunday talks;
Sunday talks will take place at the Masjed (the UEA Islamic Centre) .
Starts at11.30 and finishes by Duhur prayer.
The speakers for these events will be:

Ramadan competition


Ramadan (1428H, 2007) Competition for children of 15 years old and less. Answers to be submitted to the UEA/IS by the evening of 25th of Ramadan.



1. What is the meaning of Asalaamu-Alaykum Wa-Ragmatullahie-Wa-Barakatuh:
(A) Peace be upon you.
(B) May the peace, the mercy, and the blessings of Allah be upon you.
(C) May the peace and the Mercy of Allah be upon you.
2. Quran is the word of
(A) Allah (Jala Jaluhu)
(B) An Angel
(C) A Prophet
3. In which Language has the Quran been Revealed?
(A) Urdu
(B) Persian
(C) Arabic
4. The first Surah in the Quran is:

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